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July 14, 2016
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MTV is a worldwide advertising site. We provide High Quality Traffic and Many other premium advertising products/services for Advertisers, Businesses and Online Entrepreneur. We also offering revenue sharing plan for our members as bonus, Our Ad Packs are prepared deliberately in view of long term stability to the site with continuous cash back earnings up to 125%.

Why Join US?
High Quality Advertising Services.
Stable Payplan For Longterm Profit.
Affordable AdPacks Starting From 1$.
Revenue Sharing Up To 125% Rewards.
Up to 10% Referral Commission.
No Membership Fee.
View 5 Ads Daily To Claim Revenue Sharing.
50% Repurchase Rule For Future Sustainability.
$5 Min And $150 Max Cash Out Per Day.
Withdraw X5 Your Total Deposit.
Advertising Packages
Daily Cap %
Website Ad Credits
Banner Ad Credits
Text Ad Credits
Max Purchases
ROI %110%
Daily Cap %Up to 10%
Website Ad Credits50
Banner Ad Credits100
Text Ad Credits100
Max Purchases100
ROI %115%
Daily Cap %Up to 8%
Website Ad Credits100
Banner Ad Credits500
Text Ad Credits500
Max Purchases100
ROI %120%
Daily Cap %Up to 6%
Website Ad Credits500
Banner Ad Credits1000
Text Ad Credits1000
Max Purchases100
ROI %125%
Daily Cap %Up to 4%
Website Ad Credits1000
Banner Ad Credits2000
Text Ad Credits2000
Max PurchasesUnlimited

* Please note that Time to Expire is subject to change based upon income received each day. This projected figure is an estimation based upon reaching hypothesized revenue. The Time to Expire is not guaranteed.

* We are not an investment opportunity.

* All products and services by our site are for advertising purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the system.

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